What does it mean to be a Project Athlete?

As coaches we believe the training we do in the gym or the field teaches our student-athletes important life lessons. 

While the squats we do will definitely make you stronger, the jumps will make you faster, and the mobility work will reduce injury risk, what it means to be a project athlete goes beyond the gym. Whether it's in the gym, field or classroom, project athletes give 100% effort and have strong moral virtues. 

These are the values we try to embody and impart to our Project Athletes:


A+ Teammate

You are supportive and give more than is expected.

You don’t make excuses for variables that are outside of your control.

You lift teammates up when they are down.

You treat yourself and others with respect.

Hard Hat Mentality

You push yourself and those around you to be better every day as a student, athlete, and teammate.

You know it takes more than just showing up to be successful. You know that when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, growth happens. Consistently putting in the work and seeing progress gives you confidence.

You show up on time and are prepared to get after it.

We are a few weeks away from the start of our 10-week winter small group training programs. If you have or know a student athlete that is ready to get better this winter we are here to help.

Please contact us to learn about how to become a Project Athlete.



Joe Barlia