Get to Know Coach Kevin


What sports did you play growing up?

Football, basketball, and baseball all throughout high school. I loved being a multi-sport athlete and constantly in competition. Having an off-season was not an option for me, nor was it something I wanted. 

Favorite post-workout food?

I avoid sugary foods as much as possible, but after a hard workout, they definitely are my friend. In order to train hard on a continuous basis, carbohydrates are extremely important within the diet. It's not necessarily what you eat, but WHEN you eat it that matters. 

Favorite team?

Chicago Bulls, Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks. Does Washington DC even have any professional teams? 

Current training goal?

I'm always trying to get as strong as I can all while staying healthy and injury free. Smart, structured programming has always been the key to my success throughout my training career. Athletes today are overwhelmed with extracurricular activities. My job is to put everything in context and give them exactly what they need and when they need it. 

Joe Barlia