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During the evaluation, we will take a close look at your injury history, training experience, sport of choice, and specific goals. Once we’ve had a chance to familiarize ourselves with your background we’ll hit the gym floor for a movement assessment and comprehensive warm up to identify faulty movement patterns and gauge athleticism. By the time we conclude our evaluation we’ll have all the information necessary to design an individualized strength and conditioning program.

Here's what people are saying about our programs:

“Project Athlete did a phenomenal job this fall helping our MadLax lacrosse players learn the core fundamentals of running properly. Our goal was to improve explosion and speed by having their experts show the boys and girls how to move precisely. Project Athlete accomplished that for us. We will continue to work with them!” - Cabell Maddux,  CEO MadLax Lacrosse

“I have known Kevin Carlson and Joe Barlia of Project Athlete for the last several years.  Both are outstanding fitness trainers, sports performance coaches and inspirational leaders. What has distinguished Kevin & Joe is the terrific work they have done with our twin sons—from baseball skills coaching to sports performance training. Their work with our kids has been both inspiring and beneficial. They have prepared their minds and their bodies for their sports activities. Parents can rest easy knowing that Project Athlete is providing an exceptional fitness and sports solution for all young athletes." - Michael Desantis, Both a client and parent of athletes

"Project Athlete knows how to tailor fitness programs to meet the needs of individual athletes. When I started training with these guys the summer before my first college soccer season, I had never focused much on lifting and had never been taught how to do so. They helped me build a comprehensive program, taught me the techniques, continuously pushed me to improve, and by preseason I was prepared be successful at the college level." - Sam Knapp, Dickinson College Women's' Soccer


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