Michael Desantis

Client and Parent of Project Athletes

I have known Kevin Carlson and Joe Barlia of Project Athlete for the last several years. Both are outstanding fitness trainers, sports performance coaches and inspirational leaders. What has distinguished Kevin & Joe is the terrific work they have done with our twin sons—from baseball skills coaching to sports performance training. Their work with our kids has been both inspiring and beneficial. They have prepared their minds and their bodies for their sports activities. Parents can rest easy knowing that Project Athlete is providing an exceptional fitness and sports solution for all young athletes.

Kevin possesses both the education of an Athletic Trainer and the knowledge and experience of a Division 1 Strength & Conditioning coach, an exceedingly rare combination that makes him uniquely qualified to train athletes to reach their greatest potential.  Over the past six years that I have known him, Kevin has consistently shown the ability to make athletes stronger, faster, and more explosive, regardless of their sport, age, or training history.  As a Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, I am regularly approached about training for middle school and high school aged athletes, and without hesitation I strongly recommend Kevin every time.

Scott Sher

Client and Parent of Project Athletes





George Harrop

Client and Parent of Project Athletes





Michael Hill

Head of Sports Performance at Georgetown University

Kevin and Joe are the best.  I have trained with Kevin for more than five years, every week. Over the years, I have definitely seen great results. He is smart, approachable and thoughtful about my training.  He asks about and understands my workout goals and objectives and has made sure to structure my workouts in a way that will maximize my results.  I work out with Joe when Kevin is not available (which honestly is a rarity – Kevin is almost always there).

Joe has also been a great baseball coach for my sons.  Not only does he know and appreciate the game, he is really great at communicating with the kids and gives them advice and pointers that clearly have improved their game. For several seasons he coached for one of my boy’s 10-12 year old baseball team and provided helpful guidance. He also managed to control a very rowdy group of young boys, which itself is a key skill.

Kevin worked with my daughter during her last two years of high school. I credit him for her successful transition from club soccer to the more physically demanding Varsity Women's Soccer Program at Wesleyan University. He helped her gain speed and strength, taught her correct form, and instilled in her a self confidence that comes from respect for preparation and training. All of this contributed to avoiding injuries and peak performance.

He also made the process fun! She continues to work with him during breaks from college to stay fit over the summer.

I can not recommend Kevin more highly. His deep knowledge of sports training, his enthusiasm, ability to connect with kids and adults, and his patient, thoughtful, upbeat demeanor make him the best trainer I have ever known.

Coach Kevin Carlson is one of the premiere performance coaches in the profession. His unique qualifications make him a desirable coach for all ages and abilities. Kevin has demonstrated success at every level of the sports paradigm which is why I highly recommend him to anyone looking to take their game to the next level.