Time to Get STRONG!

Hey PA Family,

For those of you we have missed this summer, we hope things are going well, and you are staying active. Our summer groups are finishing strong and we are looking forward to a GREAT turnout this fall. 

In case you do not know or have not realized by now, strength and conditioning is not a fad or a trend. Every college in the US now has at least one strength and conditioning coach. Big division one schools can have a dozen. Every college athlete in every sport imaginable strength trains. It's not a question of "does it work" or "does it help". We know we can reduce injuries and increase athleticism by committing to a proper well-structured program. Facts are facts. The science behind the training is out there. It is time to get on board and take your game to the next level. 

Our Fall Programs:

Project Athlete 101 (Elementary), 201 (Jr. High), 301 (High School)

  • Our small group programs run for 10-weeks starting Sept. 10th - Nov 18th and are divided by grade level. Contact us for specific days/times. 

Semi-Private/Private Training

  • Can't make our classes work for your schedule? Set-up semi-private/private training with us that work for your schedule. 

Team Training

  • Looking to get the entire squad strong and healthy? Hit us up and let's get after it!

Remember, there are a million reasons not to do something. As coaches, we've heard just about all of them. If you are serious about taking your athletic abilities to the next level or have any questions contact us ASAP at info@projectathletedc.com or 202-210-7329.

In Strength,
Joe and Kevin

PS If you know of other athletes who could benefit by getting stronger and faster please send them this way. Thanks!

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