Get to Know Coach Faith

Faith Brown Headshot.JPG

What sports did you play growing up?

I grew up playing basketball mostly. As a kid I wanted to play in the WNBA, Lisa Leslie was my idol. My mom didn’t like the idea of me competitively playing basketball because I was pretty small so I ended up running track throughout college. I also participated in gymnastics, karate and dance classes throughout grade school.

Favorite team?

My favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. I’m definitely not from Wisconsin but I as a kid I would play Madden with my brother and I always would choose Bret Favre and the Packers so I stuck with the team even after he retired.

Favorite post workout food?

My favorite post workout food would be a home cooked meal but due to my busy schedule I enjoy my post workout shake of lactose free milk and chocolate protein powder.

Current training goal?

I compete in CrossFit and this is our off-season so initially I’m looking to increase my aerobic capacity and continue to increase my squat as well continue refining my Olympic lifting technique.

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